Mozambique: Country has six urologists for population of 27 million

Mozambique is facing a disaster in terms of its response to urological diseases because it has just six urologists for a population of more than 27 million, the president of the Lusophone Association of Urology said on Friday

Maputo – “We are now just six urologists and for a population of 27 million people it is a disaster,” said the president of the Lusophone Association of Urology, Mozambique’s Igor Vaz, speaking to public television channel TVM.

At the very least, the country needs 60 urologists: ten at Maputo Central Hospital, between two and three in each central hospital in the central and northern regions, and the remainder in provincial hospitals.

Vaz considered expressed his concern about urological diseases in Mozambique, which have been aggravated by myths and ignorance.

“Our young people still do not understand very well what urology can do, and the belief is that it is just like gynaecology for men,” he said.

To find solutions, Mozambique is hosting the 1st Lusophone Congress of Urology, attended by specialists from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).