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Operation parking meter price hike

The Sé District will be the first area to see the operation of new parking meters - and parking fees - on June 17

The parking meter tariffs for the Macau Peninsula Sé District will be increased from June 17, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced yesterday.
The fees for one hour parking for motorbikes will double from MOP1 (US$0.12) to MOP2, and more than triple from MOP3 to MOP10 for light vehicles, with the maxim allowed parking period for all the categories four hours.
The maximum parking period will be defined by the parking meter colour, with red for one hour, green for four and yellow for two hours.
According to the DSAT the changes were made after ‘inflation data and market demand and offer of parking spaces were analysed’ and after considering the opinions presented by the Traffic Consultative Committee and local members.
‘This is a necessary increase for the sake of reasonable management of the use of parking meters by drivers by promoting a higher turnover of [bays] as well as a fairer use of the limited public parking resources,’ the department stated.
According to the release, the new parking meters will allow payment by Macau Pass and Quick Pass.
These changes are the first phase of a plan by the DSAT to progressively update street parking fees in the city up to March 2018, and is the first change of tariffs in 30 years.
The next areas to be subject to the update will be the São Lázaro, São Lourenço and Santo António districts on October 7, November 4 and December 2, respectively.
Next year, parking fees will be updated on the Nossa Senhora de Fátima District on January 6 and Nossa Senhora do Carmo District on February 3.