Sponsored feature | MGM Gears Up Team Members to Integrate Into the National Development

MGM's leadership program tailored for local employees.

In 2014, MGM announced the launch of the PRIDE Program, a leadership program tailored for local management employees. Under the Program, the selected employees undergo a continuous 9-15 months intensive training scheme with the sole purpose of enhancing their career and personal development.

The Program has been well received by the team members and has expanded into four specific tracks, namely Leadership, Managerial, Specialist and Supervisory, helping employees of different levels and departments to unleash their potential.

The training program covers diverse areas such as leadership development, cross-departmental exposure, projects, site visits and overseas study field trips to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as the United States. The Program has attracted over hundred team members thus far with a retention rate of 90 percent.

Through the assistance of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Liaison Office, Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, the Department of Culture of Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Municipal People’s Government and other local organizations, 19 PRIDE members from the managerial track went to Nanjing, Changzhou and Shanghai for a 6 days 5 nights field trip in mid-November.

The delegation visited the Nanjing Museum, the Imperial Examination Museum, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Chunqiu Yancheng and other Chinese historical and traditional cultural attractions. They also took a closer look at the West Taihu Lake Film & Television Industry Base, Bellagio Shanghai, Jinling Hotel Nanjing, as well as Jiangsu Television, to understand the operation and rapid development of technology, television and the hospitality industry of China. The delegation was well received by Mr. Fang Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Changzhou, and was arranged to visit the Jiangsu-Macau Co-operation Park, followed by a symposium to understand the technology education of Jiangsu.

Ms. Wendy Yu, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of MGM, emphasized that the national development has entered a new era. With deep roots in Macau, MGM has the responsibility to provide development opportunities for its local talents so that they can expand their horizons and become global. Earlier this year, the team members visited the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge before it’s officially opened to traffic, as well as Hengqin New District, exploring the new model of cooperation between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau. She believes that the trip to Jiangsu enables the members to understand the operations and technological advancements of China’s large-scale enterprises.

Ms. Wendy Yu, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of MGM and the delegation visited Bellagio Shanghai

Learn from national enterprises

Queenie Chan, Assistant Slot Shift Manager, joined MGM since 2007 and was one of the opening team members of MGM MACAU. After joining the Program, she learned about the operations of different departments and has become friends with colleagues from other departments.

Queenie said one of the most memorable places during the trip is the “12301 National Smart Tourism Public Service Platform”. The platform has revolutionized the traditional one-way communication and offer services like tourism information and handling complaints through social media platforms. It also collects national tourism data so that the Government could monitor the tourism industry and improve the tourist’s experience. If Macau can take reference from this platform, she believes that it could help on enhancing the quality of Macau’s tourism industry by better understanding the needs of our guests.

Prepare ourselves to cope with the rapid development

Joined MGM since 2008 and was promoted to Limousine Guest Service Manager from Limousine Dispatcher, Antonio Un believes that the Program is not only helpful for his work, but also expands his horizons through cross-departmental learning and industry visits.

Antonio (second from the left) visited CRRC Nanjing Puzhen with the PRIDE members 

During the field trip, Antonio thinks that the most impressive itinerary is the visit to CRRC Nanjing Puzhen, an enterprise specialized in research and manufacturing of rail transport equipment in China. After understanding the rapid development of technology, infrastructure and urban regulations of China, he expressed that Macau locals should think about how to prepare ourselves and maintain competitiveness in order to cope with rapid pace of our fast developing nation.