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Cocoa companies fail on pledge to stop Africa deforestation – report

Major chocolate companies have failed to keep a promise they made a year ago to stop forests in West Africa being destroyed for cocoa production, a campaign group said on Friday

Senegal opens new art museum honouring black civilization

Senegal has opened one of Africa's largest art collections, one of a series of new museums on the continent that could eventually receive thousands of artefacts from European museums that were looted during the colonial era.

MBtv: Angola’s largest investment in offshore oil and gas exploration

As Angola launches its largest ever investment in offshore oil and gas exploration, AFP meets the men and women behind the huge project.

African fishing communities face ‘extinction’ as blue economy grows – experts

Fishing communities along Africa's coastline are at a greater risk of extinction as countries eye oceans for tourism, industrial fishing and exploration revenue to jumpstart their "blue economies," U.N. experts and activists said on Monday.

Tens of thousands die in Africa each year due to fake drugs

When Moustapha Dieng came down with stomach pains one day last month he did the sensible thing and went to a doctor in his hometown of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital.

Pentagon to cut troops in Africa as focus shifts to China, Russia

The U.S. military will withdraw hundreds of troops focused on counterterrorism operations in Africa over the next several years to support the Pentagon's increased focus on countering threats from China and Russia, officials said on Thursday

Tackle poverty and birth rate to end Boko Haram: emir

One of Nigeria's leading and respected Islamic figures on Tuesday renewed calls to tackle endemic poverty and rapid population growth to help end deadly Boko Haram violence

Guinea-Bissau: ‘Small presence’ of Chinese companies – ambassador

China’s ambassador in Guinea-Bissau, Jin Hongjun, noted on Friday that there was “little presence” of companies from his country in Guinea-Bissau, adding that activities in areas such as tourism, agriculture and commerce could be developed

OBOR will change the world

There is no memory of another development plan on a global scale like this. With the OBOR initiative China can change (at least) Asia and parts of Africa and Europe

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we travel to Zalambessa, an Ethiopian city on the border with Eritrea that was devastated 20 years ago during the war between the two countries but is now seeing a revival with the opening of borders. And we take you to Mali to the set of Faso Don, a TV dance show hoping to step up the popularity of traditional Malian dance.

Africa, a ‘bright future’

Despite warnings about the danger of the Chinese relationship with Africa, there is no other example in world geopolitics of such an intense marriage: a whole continent united to a country.

Migingo Island: a rocky marriage between Uganda and Kenya

The densely populated island of Migingo, on Lake Victoria, is barely a quarter of a hectare large, its residents crammed into a hodge-podge of corrugated-iron homes. There's little else but a few bars, brothels and a tiny port. Nevertheless for over a decade Migingo has been a source of tension between Uganda and Kenya, who have been unable to decide to whom it really belongs.

52 die in Madagascar pre-trial detention in 2017: Amnesty

Fifty-two people died in pre-trial detention in Madagascar last year as the country grapples with paralysis in its judicial system, rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday

China finds African swine fever in country’s south, fuelling supply worries

China's three-month old outbreak of African swine fever has spread for the first time to the country's south, its major pork-consuming region, signalling how deeply the deadly disease has permeated the country's pig herd, the world's largest

With border open, Ethiopia and Eritrea are back in business

Zalambessa is an Ethiopian city on the border with Eritrea. Destroyed during the 1998-2000 war between the two countries, the city sees 20 years after a renewal thanks to the opening of the border.

Mozambique: Strategic plan sees all districts having own courts by 2020

All Mozambique’s 154 districts are to have their own courts by 2020, where just 138 currently have such institutions functioning, according to the Strategic Development Plan released by the country's Supreme Court on Wednesday

Angola: Africa’s growth to depend on commodities – IHS analysts

IHS Markit consultants said on Monday that sub-Saharan Africa’s growth is to continue to closely accompany the evolution of commodity prices on international markets, despite effort to diversify economies

Sao Tome and Principe: At least 90 pct of medications sold on streets ‘counterfeit’

At least 90% of medications sold on the streets of Sao Tome and Principe and some sold at hospitals and health centres are counterfeit, a representative of the country’s health ministry said on Tuesday

South Africa exports 90pct of illegal abalone consumed in Hong Kong – NGO

South Africa exports 90 per cent of illegal abalone consumed in Hong Kong, according to a non-governmental organization (NGO) which has investigated the commercialisation of this much sought after marine mollusk in Asia

Africa’s rapid population growth puts poverty progress at risk, says Gates

Rapid population growth in some of Africa's poorest countries could put at risk future progress towards reducing global poverty and improving health, according to a report by the philanthropic foundation of Bill Gates
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