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Macau | City to deepen tourism and cultural cooperation with Porto – Secretary for Social Affairs

The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam met with the mayor of Porto and "friend of Macau" Rui Moreira, with the mayor admitting that he wanted to "deepen relations" between the twin cities

Thai party to comply with royal order against princess PM candidacy: statement

A Thai political party will obey a command from the king blocking the candidacy of a princess for prime minister, it said in a statement Saturday, in a dramatic reversal only a day after putting her forward for the position.

Italy’s Matera in cultural limelight after slum ‘shame’

European Capital of Culture status has shone a spotlight on Italy's oldest city, whose previous claims to fame were as a cinematic "New Jerusalem" but also its "shameful" slums

‘Serbian knights’ plunge into chilly river for Epiphany

Men from a Serbian medieval knights organisation dived into Belgrade's chilly Sava river to retrieve a wooden cross on Thursday, in a shivery religious rite held on the eve of Epiphany.

Macau | Gov’t initiates eviction and recovery of the Iec Long Firecrackers Factory in Taipa

Three years since a CCAC report revealed several land swap irregularities involving the Iec Long Firecracker Factory, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau announced that it has initiated works for clearing and recovering the land, with the Cultural Affairs Bureau to initiate proceedings to turn the factory into an area for cultural and creative industries

Macau | Subsidies granted by Cultural Industries Fund reach MOP77 mln in 2018

The Cultural Industries Fund announced that MOP77 million had been granted last year for 48 cultural projects, and announces two new schemes for 2019 involving film, television and publishing

Essential Macau | Isn’t it genius?

What’s the chemistry like when eight genius designers co-operate?

Chinese lanterns dazzle in ancient French town

As darkness falls each winter night in the little French town of Gaillac, the glow of dusk is replaced with another -- that of a thousand colourful Chinese silk lanterns.

Essential Macau | Made in China

Do you want to pay US$488 for a China-made porcelain-dial watch?

Kremlin should take the lead on rap music, not shut it down, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday the Kremlin should play a leading role in Russian rap music and in youth culture, rather than trying to shut it down.

Where is the #MeToo moment in India’s politics?

From media to sports and business, a wave of #MeToo revelations has rocked India this year, but the movement has left the country's male-dominated politics largely untouched - and that needs to change, activists say.

Essential Macau | Macau – New cultural destination for film production

From 8th to 14th December, the Third International Film Festival & Awards • Macao (IFFAM) takes place in our city for the third consecutive year.

Old traditions, new formula

A local traditional Chinese medicine firm is developing innovative products with more enticing packaging to facilitate the development of the traditional industry in both local and overseas markets

Bolivian youth orchestra plays for the future

When Mariel Chura joined a youth orchestra at age 14, she did not even know what a viola was.

Senegal opens new art museum honouring black civilization

Senegal has opened one of Africa's largest art collections, one of a series of new museums on the continent that could eventually receive thousands of artefacts from European museums that were looted during the colonial era.

MBtv: How engineers are straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Italy's striking Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning less after years of ambitious engineering work. Fortunately for the millions of tourists who come here every year, the 57-metre (186-feet) tower remains beautifully askance. 

MBtv: Icelandic language fighting tsunami of English

Two centuries ago experts predicted that Icelandic would be a dead language by now. But the doomsayers can eat their words: Icelandic is alive and kicking despite an onslaught of English brought on by modern technology. Schools are taking special measures to make sure the language lives on.

Trade war raises questions for US sports in China

Senior executives of American sports trying to grow their businesses in China said they are keeping a close eye on developments as a trade war brews between the two superpowers.

MBtv: In Iraq, an ancient board game is making a comeback

After rolling pyramid-shaped dice, Iraqi Kurdish artisan Hoshmand Muwafaq shifted his pebble around an ornate board, his handmade recreation of one of the Middle East's oldest and most popular games.

European countries urged to scrap ‘outdated, harmful’ rape laws

European countries must overhaul "outdated" laws that let rapists off the hook and perpetuate a culture of victim-blaming, rights groups said on Saturday.
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