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Essential Macau | Time travel in Macau

This December, Macao Light Festival 2018 presents a delightfully flamboyant and entertaining event featuring light, 3D mapping and VR games for the Macao Light Festival 2018 – Time Travel in Macao organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Sports Bureau. The Festival runs from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm from 2nd to 31st December. 

Gaming revenue: records or not at all? | 30 doubts for 2019

Just one year ago, Bloomberg announced forecasts of the level of gaming revenue in Macau that would mark 2019 as a record-breaking year. That is, the 2013 MOP361.866 billion would be exceeded next year.

Film Festival | Two Macau directors walk away with IFFAM Project Market Awards

Local filmmaker Tracy Choi walked away with the top prize for her project Lost Paradise, a production inspired by the #MeToo movement in Asia, with Chao Koi Wang winning the Macao Spirit Award

Film Festival | In Conversation with Yao Chen – Actress In Focus at 3rd IFFAM

Chinese actress Yao Chen was named as this year’s Actress In Focus at the 3rd edition of the Festival, with MNA getting a chance to discuss the career of the renowned actress at the local festival

Film Festival | Three female directors’ films screening in competition at IFFAM

This year, IFFAM competition brings three female directors’ productions to screens in town

Film Festival | Three Chinese films screening on this Sunday

The International Film Festival and Awards • Macao (IFFAM) on Sunday brings three China’s productions.

Film Festival | Nicholas Cage would consider working with Macau director

Veteran actor Nicholas Cage told media at a press conference held during the International Film Festival and Awards Macao that he would be interested in making a local movie with a Macau-based director

Bridge of secrets | 30 doubts for 2019

Albeit long overdue, the Chinese Government has fulfilled its promise to open the world’s largest bridge for use by 2019.

Macau | Hengqin offers tourism products that cannot be found in Macau – Liaison Office Minister

Hengqin will play a role in providing family-friendly tourism offerings that provide an alternative to Macau's gaming-driven tourism industry

Universal minimum wage | 30 doubts for 2019

The Chief Executive said in January 2017 that the universal minimum wage “will become a reality in 2019,” reiterating that the definition of a minimum wage for all sectors is “one of the priorities and objectives of this government,” in line with the Five-Year Development Plan of the MSAR (2016-2020), which states: “We aim to fulfil our promise to implement the minimum wage in 2019.” 

Off . . . side? | 30 doubts for 2019

The government has proposed the abolishment of a current offshore law in order to comply with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development standards regarding the treatment of offshore firms under Macau SAR law.

GDP: 3.9, 6.3 or 7.1 per cent? | 30 doubts for 2019

The consensus among institutes that make macroeconomic forecasts is that the wealth produced in Macau next year will be lower than in 2018. That is, GDP will fall. How much, it’s hard to say at this point.

Macau | Portugal and China Governments highlight city’s role as bridge between the two countries

A joint declaration by Portugal and China today highlights the role of Macau as a "bridge" between the two countries, as 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of its "handover" to China

Discretionary dilemma

While the proposed public procurement rules could help enhance the transparency of often criticised procedures, pundits believe there is still much more the government should do

MBtv: 3rd International Film Festival & Awards – Macao

In it's 3rd edition, the International Film Festival & Awards - Macao is again showcasing great films. From 8-14 December.

Macau | Infrastructure Development Office opens tender to pre-qualify for construction of fourth sea bridge

The Infrastructure Development Office has opened a tender to pre-qualify for the construction of the fourth sea bridge linking Macau and Taipa, for which only approved entities will be selected

Sponsored Feature | ‘Tis the season! MGM Winter Special Offers

Treat yourself to some festive fare this Christmas with great deals at MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI.

Let’s just hope

The government will study the adoption of legislative measures to increase the regulation and transparency of public capital companies.

Essential Macau | Three Private kitchens provide elevated dining in Macau

For anyone accustomed to the excess they encounter in many restaurants in Macau, Essential Macau rounds up the best private kitchens in town for food lovers to enjoy a tailored dining experience.

The digital (almost) does not divide

The Internet penetration rate in Macau is as high as 83.6 per cent. The user scale maintains a steady growth and reaches 509,000 this year. The mobile Internet rate (80.0 per cent) is nearly equal to the Internet penetration rate, according to the Internet Usage Trends in Macau, 2018 report.
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