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Voices of Macau | The HKMZ bridge

And the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge is already in operation. There is no shortage of epithets: the most expensive, the longest, but what do the population of the city think? Is the HKMZ bridge important for us or not?

The major problem of lack of manpower in Macau

In this episode of MBtv, why Macau continues to struggle with lack of manpower. A complicated issue, that affects a large part of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is more political than economic

Nam Van lakes: There’s so much more to discover

Nam Van lakes area can be so much more than just a tourist attraction. Residents find the area a tranquility spot in the middle of town. Let MBtv show you more

Cinematheque Passion. A ‘secret’ not to be missed

Cinematheque Passion (Cinemateca Paixão) is one of those little secrets worth discovering. From the small alley with houses with European traces, near Saint Paul Ruins to the eclectic programs that it presents, the Cinematheque is well worth your visit. For a first visit, follow MBtv

Double win for André Couto on his return to China

André Couto won both races today, Saturday 1st September, on his return to China, this time racing at the Ningbo International Speedpark. The Macau driver couldn't expect better with his MacPro Racing Honda Civic TCR. And decided to share his thoughts with MBtv viewers

Macau Premium series: Hong Kong people tougher than Macau people?

Why is the population of Hong Kong much tougher than that of Macau in relation to its rights? What are the differences, when both SARs are just a stone away? Watch Macau Premium series and find out what locals think about it, plus legislator Agnes Lam

“Only in Macau” series: Portuguese cobblestone

Portuguese cobblestone can be seen all around Macau, which is another uniqueness of this city in Asia. Portuguese artisans passed their skills to local Chinese. Another taste of 500 years of cultural interchange between Portugal and China

What´s Your Business series – Chi Tak

Artist, musician, DJ. The life of Vincent Cheang (Chi Tak) reveals a side of Macau known by few. Also known as the "father of Rock" in the SAR, the story of this new entrepreneur is shared with MB.tv in the first of our series "What's your business"

Disgusting Situation

The Transport Bureau and the 3rd standing committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL) say there will be less tolerance of infractions committed by Macau taxi drivers. 
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