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Actor Liam Neeson fights to recover after sharing racist episode

After sparking a scandal by recalling a racist episode from his distant past, actor Liam Neeson is now battling to save his career -- a task experts predict will be difficult but not impossible.

MBtv: 3rd International Film Festival & Awards

The 3rd edition of the Film Festival screened 54 films, including 11 films competing for nine awards in the Competition section as well as six film entries of the “New Chinese Cinema” for the Best New Chinese-language Film of the Year.

Film Festival | Religion, horror, sexual assault and gastronomy on display at IFFAM today

Local movie goers can pick between a story of a Japanese boy adapting to a new Catholic school, an Indonesian gastronomic comedy, a Korean horror flick, a German movie on sexual harassment and a psychological old school inspired horror film on display today at the 2018 International Film Festival and Awards Macau

Film Festival | IFFAM gives local talent a chance to showcase their work to the international market – Tourism Director

The Macao Government Tourism Office Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes told MNA that the International Film Festival and Awards Macao continues to be an opportunity for local filmmakers to not just show their work to resident audiences but to the international market

Film Festival | Nicholas Cage would consider working with Macau director

Veteran actor Nicholas Cage told media at a press conference held during the International Film Festival and Awards Macao that he would be interested in making a local movie with a Macau-based director

Taiwan director Doze Niu accused of sexual assault

Acclaimed Taiwanese director Doze Niu has been accused of sexually assaulting a female crew member working on his latest film, "Pao Ma". 

MBtv: 3rd International Film Festival & Awards – Macao

In it's 3rd edition, the International Film Festival & Awards - Macao is again showcasing great films. From 8-14 December.

Cinematheque Passion. A ‘secret’ not to be missed

Cinematheque Passion (Cinemateca Paixão) is one of those little secrets worth discovering. From the small alley with houses with European traces, near Saint Paul Ruins to the eclectic programs that it presents, the Cinematheque is well worth your visit. For a first visit, follow MBtv

Nostalgia keeps dying drive-in theatres alive

Facing competition from cinemas and online streaming, American drive-in theatres are struggling for survival. Today, less than one tenth of these symbols of the "American way of life" exist compared to their heyday in the 1960s.

James Bond museum opens in Austrian Alps

The James Bond Museum opens its doors to welcome visitors, at 3,000 metres on the peaks of the Austrian Alps.

Netflix ends HBO’s streak for most Emmy nominations

After 17 straight years with the most Emmy nominations, HBO was overthrown by streaming service Netflix for the most nods, marking a seismic shift in the TV landscape.

Portuguese Minister of Culture in Macau for forum between China and Portuguese-speaking countries

Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, will travel to Macau this week to attend a cultural forum between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, which have sought to intensify language and culture exchanges

Saudi families flock to ‘Black Panther’ as first public cinema premieres

Dozens of Saudi families flocked to the movies on Friday for the first time in almost 40 years

Oscar-winning ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ director Milos Forman dies at 86

Oscar-winning Czech-born film director Milos Forman, known for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus," has died aged 86

Weinstein Company will file for bankruptcy: media

The Weinstein Company will file for bankruptcy, US media reported on Sunday, after prosecutors sought to impose conditions on a sale of the firm co-founded by disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Macau | Movie festival about Macau, past and present, starts in Lisbon

Contemporary and past movies showcasing Macau, or having been directed by local filmmakers, are being presented at the Orient Foundation in Lisbon starting this Sunday
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