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Portuguese frigate escorts French aircraft carrier on mission in the Mediterranean

The Portuguese navy will participate in a French military operation in March with a frigate integrated in the escort of the aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" on a patrol and surveillance mission in the Mediterranean, the source said.

About 10,000 Portuguese returned from Venezuela

About 10,000 Portuguese and Portuguese descendants left Venezuela for Portugal, six thousand of them for Madeira, and significant flows were registered for Spain and Latin America, the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities said.

Portugal: League Against Cancer to launch campaign

The Portuguese League Against Cancer announced on Wednesday the launch of a campaign to raise awareness for the need to change behaviours to combat cancer, which kill 79 Portuguese citizens every day

Macau | Portuguese President to visit Macau by the end of April – Media

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is to visit Macau by the end of April as part of his official state visit to China this year

Portugal: Prime minister announces EU presidency theme will be Africa relations

Portugal's prime minister Antonio Costa announced on Tuesday that the "main theme" of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union in 2021 would be relations with the African continent, saying it was essential for there to be solidarity in regulating migratory flows

Roman remains unearthed near famous Lisbon restaurant

Portuguese archaeologists digging near one of Lisbon's most iconic restaurants, the Solar dos Presuntos (Manor of Hams), have discovered a large Roman cemetery holding 2,000-year-old skeletons and various ancient artifacts.

Arrested Portuguese hacker is Football Leaks ‘whistleblower’: lawyers

A Portuguese man arrested in Hungary on suspicion of extortion and secrecy violations hacked football bodies' documents - which later appeared on the Football Leaks website - because he was "outraged" by criminality in the sport, his lawyers said.

Portuguese detained in Brazil with two tons of hashish await court

The two Portuguese citizens detained Thursday night in Brazil, with almost two tons of hashish, have not yet been brought to court, the Portuguese government said on Thursday.

Portuguese who speak the language poorly will have specific monitoring

Portuguese nationals living in the United Kingdom but poorly spoken Portuguese, notably of Indian or Timorese origin, will have a specific follow-up to Brexit, the Portuguese Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities promised.

Kuong wanted a football club

There are three professional clubs in Portugal owned by Chinese; the Cova da Piedade case is special . . .

Portugal: Communist Party calls for immigrants to be legalised

Portugal's communist parliamentary group has called for all immigrants without local documents, but who are working or have lived in Portugal permanently since July 2015, to be legalised, according to a draft law to be debated on Thursday at parliament

Essential Macau | Master chef of Portuguese cuisine

This year is the 12th anniversary of StarWorld Hotel Macau. As its Executive Manager, Chef Joe Chan has designed a special Portugal menu for Temptations.

Macau | Costa Nunes kindergarten joins free education system

Kindergarten D. José da Costa Nunes will be part of the Macau free education system in 2019, a step to guarantee "financial stability" without interfering with the "unique characteristics" of the institution, it was announced today

Macau | Demand for Portuguese language classes increasing – Education Bureau

The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau said today that demand for Portuguese classes at primary and middle school level was increasing in Macau, with more than 4,000 students learning Portuguese in the city

The end of Portuguese doctors

The Health Services of Macau wanted to hire 35 doctors from Portugal but only three seem to be interested. Apparently, a MOP114,000 salary is too little. For Portugal, for Hong Kong or even for China. It is necessary to think about new recruitment destinations and to review local medical careers

Return of the Prodigal Son

One of the highlights of the 65th Macau Grand Prix is the return of Macau’s prodigal son André Couto. Since 1995, when he raced in the Grand Prix for the first time, Couto has only missed his home turf race three times. But if he had race commitments in Japan in 2001 and 2004, last year the Portuguese-born driver really had to sit it out due to force majeure as he was still recovering from the injuries of a high-speed accident on the neighbouring track of Zhuhai.

Macau | Accidents in first practices normal with many new drivers in Macau – Portuguese driver André Pires – Grand Prix

Portuguese driver André Pires told MNA it is normal to have accidents in the first practice runs due to a large section of the drivers being on their debut in the Macau Grand Prix

Macau | Eight pre-handover laws to be expressly abolished

Eight laws from the Portuguese administration, from the period of 1988 to December 19, 1999 will be expressly abolished, while 275 laws from that period will be scrutinised for its relevance in modern Macau legislation

Macau | New online Chinese/Portuguese translation platform to be launched by UM at year end

The University of Macau announced that it expects to launch a trial version of its next-generation online Chinese/Portuguese translation platform by the end of this year

Macau | Pace of International Fair slows down – Portuguese companies consultant

The pace of the Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) – 2018 PLPEX seems to have slowed down this year, according to Patricia Natos, the representative consultant for eight Portuguese exhibitors
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