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‘A Star Is Born’ expected to shine at Golden Globes

Box office hit music romance "A Star Is Born" is the frontrunner going into Sunday's Golden Globes, the first Hollywood awards gala of the year -- and usually the sassiest of them all.

Women take the lead as classic German war film gets TV reboot

First came "Ghostbusters" then "Ocean's 8". Now "Das Boot", the German classic set on a World War 2 submarine, has been remodelled for the #MeToo era in a television series featuring female leads.

Senegal opens new art museum honouring black civilization

Senegal has opened one of Africa's largest art collections, one of a series of new museums on the continent that could eventually receive thousands of artefacts from European museums that were looted during the colonial era.

Chronoswiss – Success is in the past

Thirty-five years ago, Gerd Rüdiger Lang emerged as a visionary when he believed in the mechanical watch as opposed to quartz. Chronoswiss is his legacy, and today it is taking new steps with Oliver Ebstein at the helm

“Only in Macau” series: Portuguese cobblestone

Portuguese cobblestone can be seen all around Macau, which is another uniqueness of this city in Asia. Portuguese artisans passed their skills to local Chinese. Another taste of 500 years of cultural interchange between Portugal and China
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