Macau | Third complaint of sexual assault leads to official arrest of kindergarten employee

A third complaint of sexual assault of children was filed today against a kindergarten worker, leading to his official arrest and prosecution by police authorities, although medical examinations have failed to show signs of sexual abuse of the children involved

Macau (MNA) – Judiciary Police (PJ) announced this Friday that a 26-year old Filipino worker had been arrested and will face charges of sexual assault of children from the D. José da Costa Nunes kindergarten.

The man is an employee of the school, with previous reports and information from the school management having stated he was 30 years old and had been working in the school as a class attendant for more than two years.

On Wednesday police authorities stated that they were investigating complaints filed on Tuesday in regard to possible sexual abuse involving two young girls by an employee of the local kindergarten.

The man was invited for questioning, with police later announcing that medical examinations of the two young girls did not show signs of sexual abuse, and announcing that the man was no longer being viewed as a suspect.

However, the filing of a third complaint this morning prompted the PJ to arrest the man, who’s case has been passed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Police told MNA that medical examinations of the third girl also revealed no sign of sexual abuse.

Under Macau criminal law, the sexual abuse of children under 14 years of age involving penetration can incur a sentence of between 3 to 10 years, with ‘relevant’ sexual abuse without penetration incurring a sentence of 1 to 8 years.