15 years for German who shot dead parents and four relatives

A German man who shot dead his parents and four other family members was ordered into psychiatric care and sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday.

Adrian Schurr, 27, was found guilty on six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder by a district court in Ellwangen, southern Germany.

Schurr shocked Germany when he opened fire on relatives at a restaurant in the town of Rot am See near Stuttgart in January, killing his parents, his uncle and aunt and two half-siblings. 

The family owned the restaurant and had assembled there following the funeral of the killer’s grandmother. 

Schurr called police immediately after the shooting spree to turn himself in. 

He later alleged that his mother had abused and attempted to poison him, though no evidence was found to support this. 

A psychiatric report concluded that Schurr suffered from delusions and mental illness.

While owning firearms is not illegal in Germany, most guns can be acquired only with a licence and they are closely monitored, making mass shootings rare.

Schurr held a licence for sports shooting and used a legally acquired semi-automatic handgun to carry out the murders.