920 voters eligible to elect new Legislative Assembly legislator

The Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL), Tong Hio Fong, indicated that a total of 920 voters are eligible to elect a new Legislative Assembly indirectly-elected legislator.

The AL by-election will be held on November 24 and a polling station set in the Macau Forum, with the election held in order to replace the vacancy left after now Chief Executive-elected, Ho Iat Seng, renounced to his position as an indirectly elected legislator by the Industrial, Commercial and Financial sector.

There is only was candidacy for the position, from Wang Sai Man, the current employers’ organizations representative at the Standing Committee for the Coordination of Social Affairs.

Nevertheless, the election campaign period will run from November 9 to 22, and according to election regulations, CAEAL can provide the candidate with a promotional platform during the election campaign period, such as places intended for the display of advertising, advertising on television and radio stations, among others.