OPINION – Sustainable development or survival of Macau?

In June of this year, a publication entitled ‘Macau’s sustainability and diversification’ noted that Macau’s ‘economic volatility caused by an unbalanced industrial structure restricts the diversified development of society. Economic diversification is the only way for Macau to achieve sustainable...

Special Report – Mainlanders prefer USD-denominated insurance policies

If it is true that in 2021, the money that mainland visitors spent on insurance in the MSAR was six times higher than that recorded in Hong Kong, this is due to the sale of life insurance, especially denominated in...

Time has not yet come

Despite the change in the fundamentals of the local housing market in the past few years, analysts say it’s not the right time to lift the property curbs amid uncertainties about the future


今年6月,一篇題為《Macau's sustainability and diversification(澳門的可持續發展與多元化)》的文章指出,澳門“產業結構不平衡導致經濟波動,制約社會多元化發展。經濟多元化是澳門實現可持續發展的唯一途徑”。毫無新意!這種單一的觀點沒有絲毫說服力。社會的其他方面呢?多元化不是單一的,需要包容。