Special Report – In search of a new model

The economic model we all know in Macau no longer serves; the Chief Executive is the first to admit it. New ideas are needed. Some experts leave their contribution on these pages.

Special Report – From bubonic plague … 

What can we compare with the crisis caused by COVID-19 in 2020? It will be said that no two crises are the same, but in the last 150 years, we have found two moments in which Macau truly trembled.

Special Report – Very popular

Surveys show stronger adherence to some COVID-19 precautionary measures like face mask wearing (96.4 per cent) but not others, such as social distancing (42.3 per cent).

Special Report – The deepest contraction

Many felt in the past that Macau had an excess of financial reserves and that it was destined to keep on piling up budget surpluses, without other objectives. In the end, the rainy-day fund came to the rescue in 2020....