A city more walled-in and frightened …

1. We have witnessed in this city, more and more walling-in about the “small deviation” in the forecasts of Fong Soi Kun, with all the mess that it caused.
But the truth is that even if he had foreseen the course of Typhoon Hato in time, it would not have prevented some of the calamities that have fallen upon us, namely the floods that the system is systematically unable to address or solve.
I can not complain as much as he did, that my last inflation forecasts for July also sinned by a small deviation of 0.01 percentage points against the already known official inflation figure – the one that makes me cry, as rents continue to fall without me understanding why.
Mine will rise 15 per cent within a short time!
With such a large official fall in prices, our official inflation rate will not begin to rise in August, as I strongly believed previously.
So, I will be wrong once more!
What can be done when we have a sympathetically-coloured inflation rate?
Nothing, but nothing in the world will happen to me, as a little deviation of another month neither kills nor causes chaos in the city.
Now, a major deviation will be that of the IMF forecast of Macau’s GDP for 2017, which has been on the rise, sometimes on the ridge and sometimes in the ditch, from 0.7 to 0.2 and then 2.8 and finally to 2.5 per cent!
Look also to Moody’s forecast of -2.5 per cent for our 2017 GDP!
So, many people are flooded!
Of course, our official deflator gave a hand to our real GDP growth in the first half of this year, pulling it up to 10.9 per cent, although I do believe that by the end of the year our 2017 growth will be not as strong as that.
2. CAEAL decided that an interview given by a candidate for the legislative assembly, to the newspaper Plataforma, was simple electoral propaganda, although a diverse range of opinions was expressed by the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM).
When CAEAL took its first steps, a few months ago, I said that its opinions would end badly!
Somebody wants to teach the Lord’s Prayer to the Vicar!
I support the cry of ‘Ipiranga’ of the vicar general of our Press Association!
An act of courage in a city more and more walled-in and frightened.