A letter to the editor: A plea to the Macau government

[The following letter was written and sent to local authorities by a Dutch national working and living in Macau since August 2019. The letter was sent to the Macau News Agency and with the consent of the involved it is republished here]

I am writing to you to expose my case, as I have no other choice but to bring to your attention the critical situation in which my wife, my 3-year-old daughter, and I are in, due to Covid-19.

I completely understand that your department must have many requests and that you are extremely busy, but please have a look at my situation.

I currently live in Macau, and I hold a skilled-type blue card. My family and I have been living apart since January 2020.

My wife was born in China, where we got married, but she holds an American passport, and so does my daughter.

My wife had to travel back to China in January to obtain the correct paperwork so her attachment to my blue card would be approved.

Right after my wife and daughter traveled to China, Covid-19 happened and borders were closed, leaving my family stranded, with no way to come back to Macau.

I have not seen my wife and daughter for over 8 months now, and we are getting very desperate.

My wife and daughter are completely alone in China, with no help, as her mother has left.

She is taking care of my daughter all alone, and with many other things to handle the situation is getting unbearable.

We are hopeless and seeking help from the Macau immigration authorities or government to let my wife and daughter get into Macau, or let me travel to China to pick them up.

I know that there are many other families that are currently split up, but my situation is unique in that my wife and daughter are both Americans stuck in China with no place to go.

If anything were to happen to my wife, then there would be nobody to take care of my daughter, which is a horrible projection. If something happened to my daughter, I could not be there for her as a father should be.

The situation got even worse as my wife is not able to extend her visa in China which means that if they are not able to come to Macau this week, they will have to move to the US.

This would mean that I might not be able to see them for several years.

A family has to be together, and it is my duty as a father to take care of my family.

This is not possible at the moment, and my daughter is only 3 years old.

I understand that the Macau government is doing its best to prevent further COVID cases being imported to the SAR and to protect the health of the local population.

And I am truly grateful for living in this special administrative region that is considered by some as a role model of effective COVID-19 prevention and control in areas of ultra-dense population.

However, as a father and husband I must do everything possible to protect my family.