A world of growth

Travel & Tourism is becoming a stronger industry, with expectations to grow to US$13 trillion (MOP105 trillion) in the next decade and to employ 25 per cent of the world’s labour force.

These are numbers that make this World Travel & Tourism Council (WTCC) edition the busiest ever. Numbers that show the robustness of an industry that is the second most important in the world, just behind manufacturing, as both Christopher Nasseta, Chairman WTCC and Hilton President and Glória Guevara, the organization President & CEO, emphasized at the beginning of two days of sessions.

Numbers that made the Spanish politicians in the enormous auditorium of the Palace of Congresses of Seville, to smile openly.

Pedro Sanchez, President of Spain, but also the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and the President of Andalucia, Juan Manuel Moreno, liked what they heard.

In Spain there are 2.8 million people working in this industry who helped the country become the 9th largest tourism economy on the planet. But more importantly, announced Nasseta, an investment of 3 billion euros is planned in the country by the same industry that is responsible for 10.4 per cent of the world GDP and that employs 1 in every 5 jobs globally.

WTTC President & CEO, Glória Guevara

Mr. Nasseta tossed other numbers into the audience, where CEO’s and other responsibles from more than a hundred multinationals listened eagerly to discovering new business opportunities.

In the next decade, the US$8.8 trillion is expected to grow to 13 trillion, creating an additional 100 million jobs, making the industry to employ 1 in 4 employees. A massive 25 per cent of the world’s labor force.

The Spanish president took the opportunity to welcome the investment in the country that, he said, “broke all records in 2018 and is today the world’s largest tourism power.”

Pedro Sanchez challenged the investors in the room to look at other parts of the country, revealing that this year Spain will consolidate its intention to bet on rural tourism. After all, as he agreed, growth is assured and now is time to guaranteed sustainability, one of the slogans of this years edition.

* Project Asia Corp. was invited by WTCC to the event in Seville

[Top photo: Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez]