(Xinhua/Ding Ting)

About 1,430 people declare overlapping activity with Zhuhai Covid-19 case

About 1,430 people have declared to authorities as of this morning that they overlapped the steps taken by a confirmed asymptomatic case in Zhuhai, local health authorities indicated today (Tuesday).

Yesterday Health Bureau (SS) Director Alvis Lo urged people in Macau who had been to Zhuhai between July 19 and 21 to compare their itineraries with those of an asymptomatic patient case in the neighbouring city, and if so declare this to authorities either via the local health code, or the SS phone contact and email.

The Health Bureau will then contact the involved people as soon as possible so that they can undergo 3 nucleic acid tests in the next 7 days free of charge. People covered can also organize on their own initiative a nucleic acid test in Macau or Zhuhai.

The Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau has determined a total of 155 close and secondary close contacts with the recently confirmed asymptomatic case as of 3:00pm of today, of which 101 were in quarantine within the city and 34 outside.

A lockdown has also been imposed in some areas Xiangzhou district in Zhuhai, covering nearly 400 people, with authorities having already tested more than 2 million people with no positive results reported.

A total of 144 people who passed by the Nanjing Lukou International Airport on or after July 14 and who are currently in Macau have also been arranged to go to designated hotels for medical observation, with 10 people already under quarantine before the implementation of the new measures.

These people will then have to complete a 14-day quarantine counting from the day they left the airport.