About 400 shuttle bus drivers tested for Covid-19

The Director of the Health Bureau’s Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Dr. Lam Chong said today that 400 integrated resort shuttle bus drivers have been tested for the coronavirus tests in the last three days, with about half having already been ruled out.

“Ther have been three shuttle bus drivers infected, it’s a high-risk profession. Two cases were confirmed, one from Macau and another from Hong Kong […] Shuttle buses are closed spaces and since drivers work for many hours we decided to test them,” the Health Bureau Director, Lei Chin Ion, stated today during the daily press conference on the epidemic.

Although a 15-day suspension on casino operations was enforced on February 5 and with about 27 hotel and pensions currently closed – with one more having closed today – shuttle buses still regularly carry people to the local hotel properties, albeit with reduced frequency.

Authorities decided recently to expand tests to people with no apparent symptoms, with shuttle bus drivers considered the most at risk employment group, followed by public bus drivers and casino workers, and just in the last 24 hours, 387 samples were tested at the Public Health Laboratory.

However, measures imposed early mandating casino workers to use health masks were said to have been effective in preventing more cases.

The third confirmed novel coronavirus patient in Macau has been discharged from hospital care today, with seven remaining in isolation.

In total, in the last few weeks, 1,111 tests have been carried out, with 1,077 suspected cases have already been ruled out.

A total of 24 people continue to await the results of the analyzes, while 27 have already left the isolation imposed by health authorities.

The number of deaths in mainland China due to the coronavirus already exceeds 1,300 cases, with 59,804 people infected.