About 4,000 casino workers tested for Covid-19 per day – Gov’t

Health authorities indicated today (Monday) that about 4,000 casino workers have been tested for Covid-19 per day since new policies were enforced by the local government.

Since June 15, visitors entering casinos will have to present a negative Covid-19 test (valid nucleic acid test certificate) apart from having to undergo body temperature checks and display a health identification code.

The next day local health authorities started testing frontline workers – including dealers and security staff – from different casinos in groups.

The measures come after Guangdong authorities announced that people coming from Macau will no longer have to undergo the mandatory 14 days quarantine in nine cities the Chinese Province, a measure that effectively allows visitors from the province to visit the city and then return without facing quarantine restrictions.

Macau has not reported any new confirmed Covid-19 case since June 25, with 46 reported so far and already discharged from medical care.