acau Business Media is the leading English-based publisher in Macau, by DeFicção Multimedia Projects. Following the launching in 2004 of its flagship publication Macau Business magazine, DeFicção has continued to aggregate value. Today, it brings the latest and most accurate information on business and the economy, from Macau to the world, with a series of specialized news outlets: Macau News Agency (MNA), Chinese language Business Intelligence (商訊), Essential Macau, and  MB.tv.

Macau News Agency (MNA) | Team

Founder: Paulo A. Azevedo, [email protected]

Director: José Carlos Matias, [email protected]

Editor (MNA): Aries Un, [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief (Business Intelligence): Mandy Kuok

Newsroom: Nelson Moura (Contributing Editor), Tony Lai (Senior Reporter), Therese Tu, João Paulo Meneses (Correspondent in Portugal), James Chao, Jing Wu, Connie Chong

Group Senior Analyst: José I. Duarte

Columnists: António Lobo Vilela, Jorge Costa Oliveira, Keith Morrison, Nelson Moura, Qi Lyu, Sonny Lo

Contributors: Ana Tique, Mandy Wong, Stefan Kuehn

Social Media: James Chao

Chief Officer: Elsa Vong, [email protected]

Office Manager: Mandy Tam, [email protected]

Photography: Cheung Kam Ka, Agencies


José Reis, [email protected]

Xu Yu, Irene, [email protected]


Av. Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado, Edif. Ind. Nam Fong, No. 679, Block C, Floor 9, Flat H, Macau, Macau SAR