AccuWeather to forecast weather in Macau

AccuWeather, the US media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services, has signed a deal with Huafeng Media Group, an enterprise owned by the China Meteorological Administration, to expand its services in China. The agreement means that both groups will increase their forecasting locations in the Mainland, Macau included. "AccuWeather’s technical and meteorological innovations, including our unique forecasting products and longer-range forecasts, will provide new value to the people of China," says AccuWeather CEO Barry Lee Myers. "We are committed to…helping people in all parts of the world to make informed decisions, protect their property and business interests and protect the lives of citizens." The partnership will introduce Accuweather’s trademark longer-range forecasts and up-to-the-minute updates in Macau, Taiwan and all of the Mainland. AccuWeather is one of the world’s most famous weather companies, providing weather forecasts to several media outlets like Bloomberg Television and providing guest commentary on major TV networks around the World. Today, AccuWeather is the only 24/7 cable weather channel in the States. To, AccuWeather founder and president Joel Myers has said his company is always looking for new ways to reach more people and improve their forecasting services. The new partnership in China is merely the latest step in that trend. "I think this new reach will benefit a lot of people," Myers told last month. "There are so many people who already benefit from the forecasts and the accuracy we provide." L.G.