AIPIM releases freedom of press survey results

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM), after requesting experts to independently analyse the results of a survey on press freedom in Macau and the freedom of access to sources of information, has released the results to the public, finding that, although there is freedom of the press in Macau, there is also a lack of access to sources of information, in particular relating to certain government departments.
The details were announced at a press conference held yesterday.
The results of the report note that while no threats to the physical and moral integrity of journalists were registered by respondents to the survey Internet access is not censored and the press are able to exercise their daily work in a ‘free manner’: ‘constraints [exist] in undertaking the function of informing, namely on behalf of the various authorities of the MSAR which do not disclose or facilitate in a timely manner information to the journalists’.