Air Macau imposes 90pct wage cuts to employees stranded outside the city

Local airline Air Macau has imposed a 90 per cent wage cut to pilots and hostesses who were left stranded outside the SAR due to the pandemic, newspaper Tribuna de Macau reported.

About 70 pilots from the airline were said to have been left stranded outside the SAR due to travel restrictions, and receiving only 10 per cent of their base salary and housing allowance.

Some of the company’s employees complained to the newspaper of having to keep up rent payments on their residences in Macau and in the location where they are living at the moment, with some left no choice but to cancel lease contracts and sell their goods in the city to pay expenses.

However, employees still in Macau carry out their normal work tasks are still receiving about 80 per cent of their salary, with the report indicating some 15 pilots and 15-co-pilots are currently maintaining daily flights.

In May the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao SAR (AACM) President, Simon Chan, indicated that the airline would proceed with wage reductions in order to avoid laying off employees due to the large economic impact in the aviation industry caused by the pandemic.

In order to maintain their license, flight professionals must have completed at least three take-offs and three landings in the past 90 days, with the current flight route frequency not allowing some 100 pilots from the airline to keep up with these requirements.

In July the airline will reinstate weekly flights to Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and Kaoshiung, plus daily flights to Taipei.

Four Brazilian pilots were also said to have been dismissed by the company in June for starting their flight hours count earlier than they should so as to increase their payments.