All Portuguese higher education degrees to be recognized in SAR

The Macau Government announced today (Thursday) that it has finished discussing the regulations for the automatic recognition of Portuguese academic degrees and diplomas.

“All schools officially recognized by Portugal for higher education […] will be recognised by the Macau Government “, said the Higher Education Bureau (DSES) Director, Sou Chio Fai.

“Recognition will be automatic” and thus they will have the same rights, reinforced on the same occasion the spokesman of Macau’s Executive Council, André Cheong.

The administrative regulation, which comes into force on the day following its publication, is a consequence of the memorandum of understanding signed between Portugal and Macau, signed in May 2019 in Lisbon.

“After the entry into force of the recognition mechanism, holders of higher education academic degrees in Portugal who have the same level, nature and objectives as those existing in the Macau SAR, and vice versa, will obtain its automatic recognition”, explained André Cheong.

The official also explained that “holders of degrees of bachelor, master, doctor or higher professional technical diploma” now enjoy “the same rights” as those who completed their studies in Macau.

In October 2019, the opposite had already happened: Portugal published in the Diário da República the recognition of “degrees conferred in the Macau Special Administrative Region […] for having the same level, objectives and nature as the degrees conferred in Portugal”.

“The growing flow of students and researchers from foreign higher education institutions thus reinforces the need to introduce mechanisms for simplification, transparency and equity in procedures related to the recognition of foreign academic degrees so that obstacles can be removed and lead to increase circulation of graduates”, a Portuguese govenrment official dispatch indicated in October 8, 2019.