All Red and Yellow zone residents test negative for COVID-19

The first round of nucleic acid tests applied to residents in the Red and Yellow Zones, where the 65th and 66th COVID-19 cases lived, returned negative, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced.

There are 317 residents under observation living in the red and yellow zones in the area next to the home of the 65th case on Rua da Palmeira (including Edf. Tak Lei, Edf. Veng Hoi and Rua da Palmeira n.º 35).

 Illustration of and Red and Yellow Code Zones on Patane area

The 66th case resides on Agenda Horta e Costa ( Edf. Palácio). In the red and yellow zones related to this case, live 128 people who also tested negative.

 Illustration of and Red and Yellow Code Zones on Avenida Horta e Costa

Residents of the yellow zones with negative results can leave these areas, but health authorise stress that they and cannot leave Macau and must be subject to strict health monitoring and self-management for a minimum period of 14 days.