Angola: Companies forced to export mineral samples as country’s three geoscience labs ‘awaiting international certification’

Angola has three geoscience laboratories that “await international certification,” a situation that is leading companies in the resource prospecting phase to export samples, the authorities said on Wednesday, planning to collect 50,000 samples as part of the national plan.

“Until today companies are asking for the declaration of the export of samples. We did not have laboratories to do the analysis, at the moment we do, but we cannot oblige the companies not to export the samples because our laboratories are in the accreditation and certification phase,” the president of the board of directors of the Geological Institute (Igeo), Canga Xiaquivuila said today.

Speaking as part of the presentation of the results achieved by Angola’s National Geology Plan (Planageo), he added, however, that “there are companies that request analysis of samples at domestic laboratories.

Angola has three geoscience laboratories, one at the headquarters of Igeo, in Luanda, one in Lunda Sul province and another in Huila province, all of which are “equipped with modern specialised technology. 

According to Igeo technical consultant, Ginga Pereira, who at the meeting presented the laboratory infrastructures to support mining in Angola, as part of Planageo, geochemical and geological surveys and specific studies are planned. 

Planageo was launched in May 2014 with the aim of making a scientific survey of the mineral and geological potential in order to attract international investment to the sector. 

As part of this project, which already has an aerial geophysical survey concluded in the north, south and east of Angola, it is expected to collect approximately 50,000 samples, Ginga Pereira said.

The Huíla laboratory has already collected 6,000 samples of minerals and geological resources in the region and the Luanda central laboratory has already received nearly 5,000 samples, as part of the Planageo activities. 

At the time, Canga Xiaquivuila noted the importance of the data already collected by Planageo considering that the project produced “valuable information,” and also noted that “there are several requests” from multinationals to invest in Angola in light of the Planageo results.