Angola: Country to receive 75.000 cattle from Chad as payment for US$100 mln debt

Angola will receive a total of 75,000 head of cattle from Chad in around six years, as payment for a debt of US$100 million (€88 million) incurred in 2017, an official source announced.

The announcement was made Friday by Angolan Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, António de Assis, during a visit he made to the Quiminha agricultural project on the outskirts of Luanda province, where he observed the infrastructure of the country’s biggest animal quarantine unit.

The first shipment, of 1,500 head of cattle, in a total expected for this month of 4,500 animals, arrives in the country on Wednesday.

According to the minister, Angola and Chad agreed, taking into account the potential Chadian livestock (with a contribution of 53% to GDP), that the debt be paid with cattle, to fill areas of the country with animal population loss, specifically the Camabatela area.

The director of the Institute of Veterinary Service said the agreement between the two countries provides for the annual delivery of 13,500 head of cattle, on a quarterly basis.

As regards the quarantine unit, this is a medical-veterinary observation point for all cattle moving around the country, including those imported, for animal health inspection purposes, and for screening for diseases, particularly those which must be declared, in particular foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest

He stressed that the priority is the repopulation of the Camabatela plateau, which includes the provinces of Kwanza Norte, Uíje and Malanje, but other areas of the country will also benefit.