Angola: Grand-daughters kill 85-year-old suspecting she was a witch

An 85-year-old woman was beaten to death by her relatives in the Angolan province of Lunda Sul, for allegedly practising witchcraft, the Angolan police said on Monday, adding that two of the people involved are under arrest.

According to the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) in Lunda Sul, eastern Angola, the murder took place in a family home, where two granddaughters, in the company of other relatives, beat the old woman to death because they believed she was a witch.

The SIC reports that following the crime, two of the victim’s granddaughters were arrested and the other relatives involved are on the run.

The detained citizens will be presented to the Public Prosecutor and actions are underway to arrest the other relatives involved in the crime “to be held criminally responsible”.

Belief in witchcraft has led to several deaths in Angola in recent months, with children and the elderly being the most common victims.

Last week, in the Angolan province of Cabinda, the SIC arrested two men suspected of killing their father by setting him on fire, for allegedly practising witchcraft.