Angola: NGO calls for trading relations with Iceland to be suspended

The Angola Reflection Platform (PRA) today sent a letter to the Icelandic ambassador to Portugal asking the Icelandic government to suspend trade relations with Angola until the Fishrot Files case, reported by WikiLeaks, has been clarified.

The organisation refers to the scandal triggered by Fishrot Files, a set of documents published by WikiLeaks on 12 November, which “demonstrate” the involvement of one of the world’s largest fishing giants, the Icelandic company Samherji, in a corruption and bribery scheme with links to the governments of Namibia and Angola, as well as the Norwegian bank DNB, allegedly used to make illicit payments and launder money.

In its letter, PRA calls for “the suspension of all trade relations between Iceland and Angola, until the case is clarified, in defence of human rights and sustainable development”.

In the document sent to Lusa, which has the letter as an annex, the spokesman for PRA, an association formed by the Angolan diaspora in Portugal, Manuel Dias dos Santos, said that “this case is just one among many, unfortunately”.

The fact that it happens in a sector as vital as fishing and “the corruptor is an Icelandic company, belonging to one of the countries that simply does not tolerate corruption, makes it a paradigmatic example” of what the platform has been denouncing.

“The situation in Angola is uncontrollable, and without the support of the international community, we will never be able to free ourselves from the systematic theft of our natural resources,” he said.

The association says it fears that in Angola nothing will be done to clarify the case, “unlike what happened in Namibia where ministers have been accused and bank accounts have been frozen.