Angola: Oil pipeline to be built from Lobito to Zambia

Angola and Zambia will sign on 19 of this month, in Luanda, a memorandum for construction of an oil pipeline for the country to supply fuel, the Ministry of Mineral Resources announced.

The matter was discussed between the Minister for Oil and Gas, Diamantino de Azevedo, and Zambia’s ambassador to Angola, Lawrence Chalungumana.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Mineral Resources, three years ago Zambia showed interest in building a multi-product pipeline, from the municipality of Lobito, in Angola’s Benguela province, to supply Zambia and the region with diesel, gasoline and gas.

The Zambian diplomat said at the end of the meeting that next Monday the two ministers would sign, in Luanda, the memorandum for construction of the pipeline.

“It will be an opportunity to insert Angola in the regional market and generate employment and energy,” said Lawrence Chalungumana.