Angola: Visas abolished for Angolans, Sao Tome nationals for travel between the two countries

Angolans and Sao Tome nationals will be able to travel to both countries without needing a visa, as part of an agreement signed between Luanda and Sao Tome, the Angolan Foreign Ministry announced.

The Agreement on Visa Waiver for Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary Passports was initialled on Monday in Luanda by Angola’s Foreign Minister, Téte António, and by the head of São Tome diplomacy, Edite Tem Jua, who arrived in Luanda on Sunday and was the bearer of a message from the head of state of São Tomé and Príncipe, Evaristo Carvalho, to his Angolan counterpart, João Lourenço.

In his speech, Téte António considered that today the two countries had written another “golden page in the history of existing ties that unite the two peoples”.

The head of Angolan diplomacy stressed that the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries are based on political, historical, cultural and geographical factors, formalised in 1978 through the General Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation and the Bilateral Joint Commission, created in 1980.

According to Téte António, these legal instruments have allowed the conclusion of at least 26 sectoral agreements, whose implementation nevertheless falls short of initial expectations.

In statements to the press, the head of Angolan diplomacy noted the areas of tourism, transport and the sea, including the exploration of hydrocarbons that the two countries do offshore.

“I think that we have a lot of potential between our two peoples, all we need is to have that will, the rest will come,” he said.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities of Sao Tome and Principe will, on Tuesday, be received in audience by Angolan President, Joao Lourenço, and the programme also includes working and courtesy meetings with various entities from the political, economic and social sector in Angola.

In her turn, Edite Ten Jua, considered the agreement “historic, it will boost family relations, business mobility and promote regional tourism”.

According to the minister, the agreement has several aspects, but above all the possibility of community movement between the two countries, which is “undoubtedly an added value.

“Angola has always been, is and will be a preferential partner of Sao Tome and Principe.