Another death as clashes continue in Colombia

A man died and several government buildings and banks were destroyed in new clashes between protesters and security forces in Colombia’s south, authorities said on Monday.

The victim — the latest of dozens of deaths in almost three weeks of violence — was killed as three police stations were attacked in the municipality of Yumbo in the southwest on Sunday night.

Several government buildings, including the town hall, and banks in La Plata, further south, were destroyed.

Yumbo’s mayor Jhon Jairo Santamaria told Caracol Radio the protests had begun peacefully but there were “five people that wanted to generate chaos.”

He added that 16 people were hurt in the clashes, with several fighting for their lives.

The police said six officers were wounded after coming under gunfire.

The violence came just hours before the government of President Ivan Duque was due to meet one of the most visible groups organizing protests, the National Strike Committee.

The group, which represents unions, indigenous people and students among others, says at least 50 people have been killed since the clashes erupted on April 28.

It says that hundreds more have been injured or disappeared, while 21 women have suffered sexual violence.

The defense ministry says one officer has died.

Protesters were initially opposing a tax reform that has since been ditched.