Another hotel security guard infected, 68th COVID-19 case confirmed

Health authorities have announced that another Golden Crown China Hotel security staff has tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the city’s 68th case of the new coronavirus.

This new case of a 26-year-old Nepalese man is related to the 65th case, of another security guard working at the same hate designated for medical observation.

The new patient is a colleague of the 65th case imported into Macau and works regularly on the 15th and 18th floors of Golden Crown China Hotel designated for medical observations.

According to the Health Bureau, the 68th case began medical observation on September 25 following a confirmed case. Nucleic acid tests showed negative results on September 17th, 24th and 25th. On September 28, the nucleic acid test showed positive results and the diagnosis was confirmed. The patient was vaccinated with two doses of Sinopharm’s inactivated vaccine on May 18 and June 23, 2021.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre  also reported that the patient did not return home after September 24th and was later assigned a hotel room for medical observation on the 25th. sent to the Public Health Clinical Center for further diagnosis and treatment.