APE named sole distributor of Moniko’s TITO tickets in Macau and South Korea

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings (APE) has announced a new partnership with Moniko, a manufacturer of thermal TITO gaming tickets for slot machines.

Under the three-year agreement signed between the two parties, APE – an electronic gaming equipment supplier in the Asia-Pacific region – is now the sole distributor of Moniko’s TITO ticket products in Macau and South Korea.

According to a statement from APE, Moniko is the first and only approved producer and converter of TITO tickets in Europe.

Moniko’s TITO tickets are produced using KANZAN paper, which has been certified by significant printing system producers such as TransAct, JCM, and Nanoptix. The global producer is also certified by these companies as a converter for the tickets.

Customers can pre-print the tickets in seven colors, including CMYK, Panton, fluorescent, or other special colors such as transparent ink, all of which are visible under UV light.

Moreover, customers can choose from packs of 200, 300, 400, 600, and 800 tickets to accommodate their ticket printers.

Each pack of tickets is shrink-wrapped to prevent accidental contamination from dust, liquids, moisture, and other influences, the statement read.

 “This partnership will enrich our product portfolio to provide versatile gaming products to casino operators,” Herman Ng, chief executive officer and executive director of APE said.

The announcement of this partnership comes at a time when the gaming industry is on the mend after three years of strict Covid rules that kept gamblers away from a city economically reliant on casinos.