Application period for new diesel-powered vehicles reduction scheme initiated

The application deadline for the new financial support plan for the scrapping of old diesel-powered vehicles opened today (Thursday) and is set to last until March 23.

The new scheme provides a financial grant for each scrapped old vehicle powered by qualified diesel fixed according to the classification and specifications of the vehicles and ranging from MOP25,000 to MOP115,000.

The scheme will cover owners of old diesel-powered vehicles whose first registration has been made by December 31, 2002 and whose registration is still effective, with the exception of old diesel-powered vehicles that obtain a new registration on September 13 of the current year or at a later date.

Eligible car owners may submit their applications to the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation and, as soon as they are notified of the granting of financial support, they must, within 180 days, hand over their diesel-powered vehicles and submit requests for cancellation of their registrations to the Traffic Affairs Bureau, so that they can then receive payment of the financial support.

In compliance with the Vehicle Control Policy, this Financial Support Plan does not require vehicle owners to purchase new vehicles after scrapping their old diesel-powered vehicles.

The DSPA recent held, together with the relevant services, a presentation session for the new scheme, aimed at vehicle owners, the waste collection sector, relevant associations and environmental protection groups, in order to present the contents of the plan and talk about the aspects to be taken into account.