Argentina reports first case of flurona

The first case of flurona, a double infection with both COVID-19 and influenza, was reported in Argentina’s eastern province Santa Fe, local health ministry said on Thursday.

The Santa Fe province confirmed the flurona case in a three-year-old boy, said the ministry, adding that the boy is in good condition and will go to the general ward in the next few hours.

The boy was admitted to the Orlando Alassia Children’s Hospital in Santa Fe, capital of the province, due to “epilepsy and seizures,” and standard testing revealed the infections, said the director of the hospital, Osvaldo Gonzalez Carrillo.

“All patients who enter therapy undergo this ‘testing’,” said Gonzalez, “it is very common to find patients with two viruses, but we had not had these two before.”

The world’s first case of flurona was detected in Israel.