Indian volunteers of Trauma and Emergency Care Center conduct an awareness and preparedness session by using face masks and keeping a clean environment against the COVID-19 outbreak, in Bangalore, India, March 5, 2020. (Stringer/Xinhua)

Asia virus latest: Mumbai hospitals at breaking point, Manila malls reopen

Here are the latest developments in Asia related to the coronavirus pandemic:

– Mumbai’s hospitals close to collapse in war on virus –

Packed morgues, bodies in wards, patients forced to share beds and medical workers run ragged: Mumbai’s war against coronavirus has pushed the Indian city’s hospitals to breaking point.

The huge Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, better known as Sion, has become a byword for the stunning failure of Mumbai — home to billionaires, Bollywood and slums — to cope with the pandemic.

With space at a premium, and relatives too afraid or unable to claim their dead because they are themselves in quarantine, disposal of coronavirus corpses is not easy, doctors say.

But dealing with the sick is much harder.

– Manila’s malls reopen but discourage shoppers from lingering –

Manila’s malls set air conditioners to warm and switched off free wifi to stop people lingering as many of them cautiously reopened after a two-month lockdown that brought the sprawling hubs of community life to a halt.

Just a trickle of customers showed up at the huge commercial centres in the Philippine capital, which usually attract millions of people each day and often contain churches, restaurants, gyms and event spaces.

Measures in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus included walk-in booths filled with clouds of disinfectant, distanced queues, temperature checks and mandatory masks.

– Leopards spotted in Islamabad park as virus clears trails –

Leopards, jackals and other creatures living in Islamabad’s tree-covered hills have been enjoying a rare respite from the throngs of hikers and joggers that normally pack the trails.

Rangers in the Pakistani capital’s Margalla Hills National Park saw animal activity increase soon after the city was locked down in March to counter the coronavirus.

Motion-triggered wildlife cameras have been clicking away as animals explore areas they had long been nervous to visit.

– 30 Indian migrant workers killed in lockdown crashes –

At least 30 Indian migrant workers were killed in two road accidents as they tried to return to their home villages during a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, officials said.

The accidents, in central and northern India, were the latest involving some of the millions of labourers left stranded and jobless by the seven-week shutdown.

In the deadliest incident, a truck carrying about 40 labourers struck another vehicle also carrying workers and their families that was parked at a roadside cafe in Uttar Pradesh, local magistrate Abishek Singh told AFP.

At least 25 were killed and 30 injured.