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Knowledge for progress

Kevin Watkins

As China suspends reality, sit tight

James Saft

What energy shortage?

Jostein Eikeland

The end of work as we know it

Jean Pisani-Ferry

A new mission for the World Bank

Nancy Birdsall

The diaspora goldmine

Ricardo Hausmann

Emerging markets after the Fed hikes rates

Nouriel Roubini

Is financial repression here to stay?

Howard Davies

The right food fight

Kenneth Rogoff

Magna Carta at 800

Peter Singer

The climate categorical imperative

Desmond Tutu

China’s international growth agenda

Michael Spence

A rule of law for sovereign debt

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Rethinking inflation targeting

Axel Weber

The chimera of currency manipulation

Jeffrey Frankel

The QE placebo

Daniel Gros

The quiet financial revolution begins

Mohamed A. El-Erian

Managing the Age of Disruption

Richard Dobbs

Save well early, allocate well late

James Saft

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Sponsored | Dress up the Spectacle to Ring in 2020 with MGM

This New Year’s Eve, the Spectacle at MGM COTAI will be “dressed up” into a...

Essential Macau | 蛇拍的鸡、虎、羊


Sponsored | A Toast to World-Class Magnums at Grand Lisboa Hotel

Grand Lisboa Hotel is home to an award-winning wine collection of more than 17,000 wine...

Essential Macau | Rooster, Tiger, Sheep by Snake

See the familial harmony and happiness of the rooster, tiger and sheep through a snake’s...

A Star Studded Musical Conversation to Begin the New Year

Macau welcomes Raphaela Gromes in the cello and Lu Shao-Chia conducting the Macao Orchestra, for...

Sponsored | Grand Lisboa the only with two Michelin 3-starred Restaurants

Robuchon au Dôme and The 8 receive Michelin 3-star honours once again



Winds of change

Chief Executive-elect Ho Iat Seng is promising change. While officially introducing his government cabinet, with...

Essential Macau | 梦工场


Essential Macau | Dream Factory

Combining highly imaginative design and high-quality finishes, Circu is a unique brand in the children’s...

Essential Macau | 飞越时空

布加迪(Bugatti) Chiron 凯龙 Super Sport 300+刚晋升为史上最快的量产车。驾驭它是在展开飞越时空之旅, 已超越汽车驾驶本身

Hospitality-sector CSR inspires staff to offer customers better service

Study by IFT scholar says corporate social responsibility in hospitality can stimulate employees to ‘go...

Essential Macau | Time Travel

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has just become the fastest production car in history....