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Anti-corruption campaign only significantly affected VIP segment – study

Scholars note that the Xi Jinping-led anti-corruption campaign only significantly affected Macau's VIP segment (VIP...

Special Report – Digital natives

First social networks, now the metaverse, are “becoming essential for the sense of being, for...

Special Report – From divorce…

(still a taboo, at least in Macau, despite the strong influence of western lifestyles and...

Special Report – No chip off the old block

The under-40s represent an almost total break with their parents' generation









Special Report – Chinese millennials

“The world is yours as well as ours. But in the last analysis, it is...









What’s in a special licence plate?

In most countries, a vehicle plate only has one function, which is to...





Special Report – Housing? Give us green space

Residents want more green spaces, and no wonder: the total area of this kind of...

Special Report – A pandemic-induced frozen real estate market

And the downward trend is expected to continue, experts say

Special Report – “Sandwiched” and feeling the squeeze

They don't have the money to buy a house, but they don't fit the criteria...

Special Report – 202,727 households

The latest Census results show Macau's housing market undergoing a profound transformation