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Game on

New bills, new rules, new standards. And a house restructuring to face the new developments...

Pontius Pilate syndrome

I don’t know why an investigation of land matters and land swaps has started. Or...

The saga of the cook and the resort

Not long ago, a local resort interviewed a candidate for the position of second class...

“It’s essential to diversify sources of clients”

The Secretary for Economy and Finance is the last of the Secretaries to talk exclusively...

When values’ real name is money

Paulo A. Azevedo
Paulo A. Azevedo

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MB Jan | Wishful Thinking, Again

At this time of year it is customary for the media to review the year...

Macau | EXCLUSIVE: Wynn travels to Macau SAR via Beijing

Steve Wynn is arriving but his private plane touched down first in Beijing. The company...

商訊 Dec | 是時候仿效中國了 

三位年輕的澳門投資者到葡萄牙,要大口咬下當地一家主要媒體集團的決定,令很多人感到驚訝。 KNJ投資有限公司策劃人何敬麟向記者解釋了這個決定的前因後果,還包括其他正在籌備中的項目,例如在葡萄牙的房地產業務、一家酒店和一家初創公司,還有在安哥拉的其他投資。  作為澳門首任行政長官何厚鏵的侄子,何敬麟解釋,在澳門設立新聞工作室的計劃是作為葡萄牙傳媒集團的互補,打造一個二十四小時無休的新聞行動組,建立中國和葡語國家之間罕見的、現有的、真實的平台,顯示中國如何從複製達人轉變為當前被效仿的主要角色。 

MB Dec | Time to copy China

It came as a surprise to many when three young Macau investors decided to take...

商訊 Dec | 禍不單行

商訊 Dec | 禍不單行 - 發行人語

MB Dec | A Disgrace Never Happens Alone


MB Nov | Goodwill Hunting

MB Nov | Goodwill Hunting

商訊 | 心靈捕手

商訊 | 心靈捕手 - 發行人語

商訊 Oct | 韓式博彩

為應對國內及區內更激烈的競爭,韓國歷史最悠久的娛樂運營商正改變其經營方式,領先於其競爭對手,在國內開設了首家綜合度假村並已投入營運。在接受本刊記者專訪時,集團總裁Philip Chun解釋了他寄望日本的新策略,亦解釋了Paradise成為為本地賭客提供服務的最佳人選的原因。

MB Oct | Gaming Korean Style

The oldest casino operator in Korea is revamping its business to face stronger competition, at...

商訊 Oct | 讓博彩變得更精彩

韓國Paradise City不僅是當地首座綜合度假村,還標誌著博彩遊戲新循環的開始,這個國家不願意輸給同一地區內的直接競爭對手。作為五個博彩牌照中的首位運營商,他希望證明已成功了一半,奢侈品和文化產品也可以成為品牌形象的佼佼者

MB Oct | Time to WOW the Game

Not only is Paradise City South Korea’s first Integrated Resort. It marks the beginning of...

商訊 Oct | 希望是新篇章

發行人語 - 澳門一直以來就像香港的一個郊區。現在正是澳門是縮短與鄰埠距離的恰當時機,是割斷這個無形的二等地位的良機。 

MB Oct | New Chapter, Hopefully


MB Sep | Jeju the new Singapore

Jeju will be as big as Singapore in terms of Gross Gaming Revenue, predicts Lawrence...

MB Sep | All in

South Korea also lies in the path of the gaming Integrated Resorts tsunami. In exactly...

MB Sep | Deadly Inaction

It was inevitable that we would return to the theme of the origin of the...

商訊 Aug | 避免犯錯的時刻


MB Aug | Time to avoid a mistake

To a ‘normal’ citizen this news headline could not be more strange: ‘Macau’s policymakers will...

MB July | Lovely, incoherent little city

The top officials of the government continue to refuse to offer full explanations of the...