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How Are You Today? 

Although surveys and figures showcase the mental wellbeing of residents in the city remain sound...

Seeking new avenues

The local MICE sector looks for business opportunities in Mainland China and online, as international...

Northbound Express

Local youngsters look for opportunities to have a taste of the work culture in Mainland...







ICBC Macau to launch more financial products for local SMEs and home purchase

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited (ICBC Macau) will roll out more...


From the expansion of jurisdictions of Hengqin, Zhuhai to the soon-to-be-published blueprint of an in-depth...

A slice in a pie

As mainland Chinese contractors dominate large-scale public works here such as cross-border infrastructure projects, there...

Behind glossy data

Despite the improvement in the unemployment tally, there are still implications in the overall employment...



Macau’s banking industry remains “stable and resilient” – Monetary Authority President

The banking industry of Macau remained robust and resilient last year albeit the local economic...





3,2,1! Go Live… and Shop

From gaming operators to SMEs, local firms try to explore as many means as possible...


儘管社會希望加強監管並制定配套措施,特區政府執意推出聚合支付系統,即“聚易用(Simple Pay)”,進一步推動無現金支付發展的進程。

Dampened expectations

Gaming operators’ earnings have witnessed a clear improvement in the fourth quarter of 2020, over...

Changing patterns

It will be a challenging year for the local tourism industry. The sector should focus...



Scan and pay

The city takes a step forward to advance cashless payment here with an integrated payment...