Beware the ides of August

This is the middle of the silly season. There is a tradition – at least for me it is taken as such – of forgetting about the nitty-gritty world of politics and economics, and concentrating on the lighter sides of human existence . . . up to a point, at least.
So, no, I’m not going to discuss if the Commission for Corruption (CCAC) is the most appropriate place to start clarifying the mystery of the 16 missing land plots. In a less seasonal mood, I – or anyone else, for that matter – might wonder why the administration does not come forward with a simple communiqué identifying all the plots, the beneficiaries, and the reasons why she, I mean, the administration, felt those plots could not be recovered. Maybe, just maybe, we could spare the CCAC for other, perhaps tougher-to-crack, investigations.
I will not, either, speculate on the much trumpeted snub to the government. It was made by no lesser than – no, no-one saw this coming – the Legislative Assembly. Apparently, for the first time, a majority rejected a legislation proposal put forward by the government. Take due note: they not only disagreed with it, they actually rejected it! Just a couple of small bits of it, one has to recognise – but rejected! However, today, mid-August, and the heat outside, conspire against holding to a thought for more than a few seconds. No, you will find here speculative guesses on the underpinnings of such an unlikely event, or questions about the, possibly, incoherence of that vote when compared with similar matters in other pieces of legislation. Move on!
A more serious topic promises to be the demonstration (against?) domestic workers; or, better said, demanding more stringent regulation to prevent acts of violence against minors. Among the requests sits, the media tells us, that they – the maids – should be forced to sleep in employers’ residences; or, if not possible, their employers should pay for their lodgings. The connection between lodging facilities and inclination to mistreat children must exist somewhere – but I feel too lazy to look for it today. Not that I condone violence against children, perpetrated by maids or anyone else, alien or family members, God forbid! But creating an association for that purpose and focusing on the labor regulations for domestic workers? I’m stuck. I will not develop the subject; my stamina has vanished. Can my news friends try to elucidate what to me, on a day like this, looks like an indecipherable enigma?
I think I did not fulfil my promise completely. I sense a hint of seriousness creeping into some of the lines above, with almost an effort to find some logic in it all. But I’m too tired to go back, and check and change and whatever… Hopefully, my editor will forgive me for that weakness and be satisfied with this today. (Come on! It’s the middle of August!)