BNU and Bank of China to be authorised to emit MOP75.4 bln in new currency

The Macau SAR Executive Council has indicated that it concluded regulations for Bank of China and BNU to emit a maximum of MOP37.7 billion (US$4.7 billion) each in pataca (MOP) notes with new anti-counterfeiting elements.

The council established regulations for the two banks to issue new pataca notes, with maximum emitting amounts for each bank being MOP10 (80 million units), MOP20 (120 million units), MOP50 (50 million units), MOP100 (80 million units), MOP500 (24 million units) and MOP1,000 (12 million units).

After the new emitting administrative regulations are completed and enforced, the Macau SAR Government will instruct the two issuing banks to proceed with preparatory works for the printing and the launch of the new series of banknotes, with dates and details to be disclosed later.

BNU held the exclusive for to issue currency in Macau since 1902, a duty it started sharing with Bank of China since 1995.