Book is ‘not a reckoning’: author

Surprised with the non-renewal as a legal expert in Macau’s Legislative Assembly (AL), after more than two decades, Paulo Cardinal refuses the idea that the book ‘Lessons on Legislative Procedure in Macau Parliamentary Law’, with a public release at 6pm today at the Portuguese Bookstore, is a consequence of his “unfair and opaque” dismissal.

“It is not a reckoning. It began to be written well before. My positions, including criticism, were known and applied in my day to day life in the AL”, he stated to Macau News Agency (MNA).

Today, as a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Law of the Hong Kong University, Mr. Cardinal insists “having in the past, always, a moderate civil intervention in the areas of my professional and academic knowledge. It’s not the fact that I’m out of the AL and the Macau University… that I would stop to intervene publicly when deemed necessary, with my knowledge and capacities”.

The legal expert told MNA he actually would feel “naturally satisfied” to have to intervene less publicly, because that would mean “ less threats exist to the Basic Law, the Joint Declaration, the Rule of Law, the fundamental rights and the legality” in its all.

Author or co-editor of 8 books and author of around 90 works, Paulo Cardinal decided to continue living in Macau “notwithstanding the difficulties and obstacles that may have arisen”. And he tells MNA that the invitation from the Hong Kong Faculty of Law is very important and honorable, specially taking into account the very high ranking that the College occupies in the world levels. It has been a very demanding and at the same time very rewarding experience”, he concluded.