Wan Kuok Koi (right) with INIX Executive Chairman, Li Jie

‘Broken Tooth’ appointed chairman of Malaysian investment holding

Former convicted triad leader Wan Kuok Koi, also known as ‘Broken Tooth’, has been appointed as chairman of Malaysia-based investment holding Inix Technologies Holdings Berhad.

According to stock exchange filings submitted by the company to the Malaysia stock exchange on August 7, the 65-year old Wan was appointed as Chairman, being already an Independent and Non-Executive Director in the company.

Inix Berhad and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in software development, system integration, IT management consultancy and other related professional services, with its latest financial report

The announcement describes Wan as being involved in entertainment-related businesses in Macau and as the owner of Macau National Ying VIP Club and National Ying Entertainment Co., Ltd.

‘At the same time, he is also enthusiastic about charity activities in Macau. He founded the Chinese Culture Zhi Gong Charity Foundation and served as the founding chairman. He is also the president of the World Hongmen Historical and Cultural Association […] the founding president of the Macau-Malaysia Cultural and Economic Chamber of Commerce and has economic and trade contacts with Malaysia,’ the company notes.

The company’s board also stated that ‘being a leading business person’ with his ‘expertise and ‘experience’ they believe together with Wan the group will be able to generate new sources of income and to take Inix to ‘greater heights’.

Wan was released from jail in 2012 after serving 14 years for organised crime charges, including leading the 14k triad society, in the Portuguese administration years prior to the 1999 handover to Chinese administration.

Since then Wan has shunned the spotlight but has been involved in several business projects outside Macau in Hong Kong, Cambodia and Malaysia, with the World Hongmen History and Culture Association he founded having announced projects ranging from launching its own cryptocurrency e-commerce, hotels and casinos.

At one point it announced plans to set up a Hongmen Security Company to assist businesses expanding through China’s ‘One Belt and Road’ Initiative.

The World Hongmen History and Culture Association describes itself as a fraternal Chinese cultural group with tens of thousands of members globally, with plans to establish schools for ‘ethnic Chinese living in other countries to learn about Chinese culture’.