Cabo Verde: Foreigner arrested at airport with 23 cocaine capsules in stomach

Cabo Verde’s Judicial Police (PJ) on Wednesday announced the arrest of a foreign national at Praia International Airport who they said had been carrying 23 capsules of cocaine in her stomach, since partly removed in hospital.

The detention was made on 7 August by the PJ’s Central Section of Investigation into Drug Trafficking and Organised Crime, as part of operations to prevent and combat international trafficking by air, the force said.

The 23-year-old woman, whose nationality was not disclosed, was caught red-handed at Nelson Mandela International Airport, with 23 cocaine capsules in her stomach, according to the PJ.

She was charged with international drug trafficking and brought to court the next day, where she was remanded in custody.

However, the PJ stressed, her detention was only legally completely on 9 August, because the suspect still had some of the drug in her stomach at the timeIt was only removed later in hospital, where she remained under medical care until 13 August, the day she was taken to Praia Central Prison.