Cape Verde: Chinese to provide uniforms, equipment for armed forces

The Armed Forces of Cape Verde will buy uniforms and operating equipment from a Chinese state-owned company, according to authorisation granted by the Defence Minister, while alleging a lack of companies certified for the purpose in the country.

According to order 17/2019, published on Monday and signed by Cape Verde’s defence minister, Luís Filipe Tavares, the cost of the deal is 12 million escudos (around €110,000) to be made with Chinese state company China Xinxing Import and Export.

The company, set up in 1987, specialises in the production and development of uniforms and other equipment for the armed forces and police in several countries, with annual revenues of over US$300 million (€268 million).

The order signed by the Minister says that the Armed Forces of Cape Verde “have been struggling with the technical certification of the material to be acquired, as in the Cabo Verde market there are no certified companies that guarantee the quality and certification for the manufacture of uniforms and operational equipment for the Armed Forces.

Claiming the urgency in the acquisition of this equipment, given the “threat of injury” to the military, taking into account the current equipment, the order defines that in the interest and security of the State, the rules of Public Procurement do not apply, and the acquisition is awarded directly to the Chinese company.

The order does not specify the type of material that will be purchased from the Chinese company.