Cape Verde: Government wants to reduce crime by 50 pct by end of mandate

Praia – Regarding the commitment to reduce crime by 50%, the minister of internal affairs of Angola, Paulo Rocha, enumerated institutional and legal reforms and measures to “strengthen internal security” in the last two years of government supported by the Movement for Democracy Party to say that police action is “more productive, more skilled, more credible and efficient.”

There are still many complaints, but he noted that the occurrences were declining in the country, meaningt a “consistent reduction” in violent crime.

Hélio Sanches, from the same party, added that security was in a “chaotic state” two years ago and that it was necessary to reverse the scenario and listed a series of measures that had been adopted for that purpose, including the installation of video surveillance and better working conditions for the police, more vehicles and equipment.

On the other hand, one of the members of the largest opposition party, the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, João Batista Pereira said that it was “inescapable and undisputed” that the crimes in Cape Verde were getting “more refined and complex” and required “urgent response” from the public authorities.